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Intelligent Reality is a data intelligence company, using predictive analytics to support decision making in environmental, climate change and public health applications. Our software platform generates insight and forecasting in diverse, rapidly changing and ‘messy’ data environments, helping visualise not just what you know to look or, but what you need to know but don’t necessarily know is out there.


BlueGlobe is our path to the goal of building a ‘Digital Twin’ for planet Earth: a platform to give individuals, communities, governments and enterprises the means to engage, understand and visualise the impact of their activities on the natural and human environments.

We achieve this by discovering and unifying information of all types, giving it a common context in our Geospatial Analytic Framework, and an ever-extending suite of analytic and visualisation tools. BlueGlobe provides users with both standard and common outputs and the ability to create their own from the BlueGlobe toolbox.

BlueGlobe is now being used as the core of a system to provide unified environmental information and impact forecasting that will help scientists and land managers understand the implications and impact of changes to the natural environment.

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Our software is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. We use an ensemble approach, combining self-organising software, mathematical modelling, machine learning and advanced visualisation to allow us to rapidly adapt our system to new datascapes and challenges.

We support two key needs: to be able to discover, integrate and use data of many types and qualities from a wide and dynamic range of sources, and to be able to use that data to drive the discovery-based, emergent analytics that provide both insight into and forecasting of patterns, relationships and trends.

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Our founders are based in Scotland and Germany, and have more than a century of experience in research, enterprise, government and the creative industries, with organisations such as The Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, SAS, Cognos, the BBC and Douglas Adams’ Digital Village. The team has won multiple awards and have successfully built previous startups. We also work in close partnership with the udu data discovery platform, exploiting its capabilities in concert with our analytic tools.

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