We are building for sustainable success, there being no point in economic success if there is then no world left in which to enjoy that success. We also consider that corporations both have the same responsibility as any citizen and the opportunity to show leadership in the adaptation of society to our changing environment.


Our approach is based on multi-talented, multi-disciplinary peer teams, working in close and continuous engagement with our clients,  something which encourages and supports challenge and new thinking both from within and outwith the company. 

This approach also reflects the nature of our underlying technology: where we differ from many companies is that, in any engagement, we establish common core needs very early in the project, turning those into a working end-to-end system, against which we then co-create, review and refine use cases: we have genuinely Agile technology as well as an Agile process.

This approach is enabled both by our platform and by our use of the philosophy of the “Pixel-perfect prototype”, where the majority of any project is spent working with a live system rather than writing reports and documentation.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Intelligent Reality is unequivocally committed to supporting diversity and inclusion in both its own operations and in our focus on beneficial outcomes to diversity and inclusion in access to and relevance of the products and services we are creating. Our team welcomes and support talented individuals, regardless of their gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity or culture.

This is not simply a focus on a nebulous concept of ‘social good’: it is the long experience of the founders that a team that represents a wide range of outlooks and experience against a shared goal is more stimulating, creative and productive. 

The current team is international in background and citizenship and includes both cis-normative and LGBT+ members. With decades of experience in the tech and creative industries, we are also fully cognisant of the positive power of neurodiversity in building a leading edge technical-creative company.


We’re at the beginning of our journey, and our recruitment planning is aimed at developing the high level of gender, ethnic and cultural diversity to which we aspire.

In pursuit of this we are developing an internal assessment process to track achievement as we grow, as well as the feedback mechanisms essential to ensure that there is no felt or implicit bias in any decision or policy of the company or its individual members. The founders’ past experience in high level organisational design will enable this, with support from our external advisors.

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