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At Intelligent Reality, we’ve developed a transformational approach to geospatial data intelligence, one that offers clear and demonstrable advantages in fundamental capability, inclusiveness and performance over traditional methods – we’ve carried out studies that simply can’t be done by more conventional means, we’ve done in four seconds what had previously taken 18 months, and we’ve generated forecasts and kinetic visualisations on a daily basis for a well-known recent pandemic.
We are however still just at the start of our journey, and are now just realising the potential of our platform. So here is where we’ll be posting progress and case studies as we get around to publishing them. It does take us a while to catch up, unless of course we see something being publicised that annoys us to the point where we do something immediately.

Explaining the difference between BlueGlobe and existing geospatial systems. Contains traces of Elephant.

Online version of the BlueGlobe presentation on integrated geospatial data intelligence given at the AGI Scotland conference, 27 February 2024.

This is the new blog for BlueGlobe, the data-driven AI tool for integrated geospatial intelligence.

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