Our team is based in Scotland and Germany. The founders have more than a century of experience in research, enterprise, government and the creative industries, with organisations such as The Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, SAS, Cognos, the BBC and Douglas Adams’ Digital Village.

The team has won multiple awards and have successfully built previous startups. Individually and collectively, we have won multiple awards, including a Codie award, BAFTA nominations, winning the BBC Innovation Labs competition, rural enterprise and network industry awards and Stirling Civic awards.

We also work in close partnership with the udu data discovery platform, exploiting its capabilities in concert with our analytic tools.

Richard Harris

Richard has been driving innovation for decades. His particular forte is in designing transformational technologies and strategies, as partner and advisor to organisations such as Apple and AT&T Labs and as a serial entrepreneur, co-founding companies such as The Digital Village, the ConnectTV hybrid television system, the udu self-organising data discovery platform and now Intelligent Reality. A systems biologist and computer scientist, Richard has pioneered advances in social networks, self-organising data systems and emergent data intelligence, always working with a strong social focus and a particular interest in the dynamics of Climate Change.

Dr Michael Lorenz

Michael was formerly a principal scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, working on using novel algorithms to solve atomic structures of biopolymers. He then became head of the business competence centre for ‘Supply Chain Intelligence’ at SAS Germany, thereafter EMEA director of Cognos’ (now IBM) business intelligence arm. At Intelligent Reality, Michael leads breakthrough developments in our ability to create and validate predictive models from historic, multivariate time series data.

Jon Jardine

Jon has nearly three decades experience in the architecture and design of complex visualisation tools, user experience and UIs and has been responsible for the front-end framework and interfaces of our platform. 

A full-stack developer with extensive experience of multiple technologies, Jon has worked with a number of private sector organisations over the years, developing content and user management systems, intranet and public-facing infrastructures, as well as taking clients’ unique IP and turning it into interactive apps, from prototype to full deployment. Originally from Scotland, Jon is now based in Berlin.

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