There\’s been a lot of covoptimism this past week, from assorted government spokesfolks, including from people who do know what they\’re talking about – a prime example being Prof. Neil Ferguson of Imperial. The theme here is that cases, case rates and the R number have been falling strongly and appear to be continuing to […]

We\’ve been thinking for some time about how best to present the dynamic of the pandemic in a way that actually shows what\’s happening – the R number doesn\’t give any idea of magnitude and is – in our opinion – best kept behind the scenes as a contributor to analytic models, raw or compensated

Over the last few months, we have been using advanced  data intelligence to improve the sourcing, timeliness and validation of Covid-19 statistics. We then use our emergent and adaptive platform to provide high quality predictive modelling of its likely progress. Human nature being what it is, people have become somewhat desensitised to raw numbers and to

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